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Top 8 Reasons to Use a Professional Recording Studio

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Thanks to technological advancements, we’ve become accustomed to a wide range of ways to record our musical ideas. Many years ago, composers, arrangers, and musicians had to write down melodies on whatever they could find to avoid forgetting them. If they didn’t, the idea could easily vanish into thin air, never to be heard again.

Today, we can literally sing, hum, or even play these musical ideas directly into our smartphones with just the click of a button.

So, with all the affordable options for microphone preamps, digital interfaces, laptops, and recording software, why should we still use a recording studio to record our music? This blog aims to explain why you should still consider using a professional recording studio.


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What Can a Professional Recording Studio Do?
A recording studio is a specialized facility for recording, producing, and mixing audio.

It can be used for spoken word, vocals, instrumentals, or other forms of recording

Professional recording studios are often large buildings with spaces for multiple bands, musicians, and even entire orchestras. 


They are ideally equipped with both monitoring (mixing and listening) and recording spaces. These rooms are specially designed by a sound engineer or acoustician to achieve optimal acoustic properties. This helps reduce echoes that could otherwise distort the final result.

The saying “you get what you pay for” holds true for so many things, including recording music in a studio. You can’t expect your song to sound as clear and crisp as a John Legend or Red Hot Chili Peppers release if it’s not produced in a recording studio staffed with experienced and knowledgeable professionals. 


Additionally, if outside help is needed, the expertise and skills of the session musicians used by professional recording studios are particularly valuable.


It would be unfortunate if you ended up working with a so-called “bedroom producer” who doesn’t understand the importance of setting up a properly sound-treated room for recording live instruments, even if they have all the necessary equipment. Professional recording studios worth your time and money will make it clear how experienced or qualified their staff are.


 What Does a Sound Engineer Do?
A sound engineer is a trained professional who works with the mechanics of recording, mixing, and reproducing audio. Sound engineers differ from music producers because they specifically focus on the mechanical and technical aspects of recording sound and music. 

However, some sound engineers take on the role of producer or continue their careers to become music producers. Often, sound engineers help musicians and record producers achieve the sound they want.


How Do I Find a Record Producer?
You’ve probably spent a lot of time and effort writing your music, so when it’s time to lay down the tracks, it’s crucial to choose a recording studio and producer who shares your musical vision. Here are a few tips to help you find the right recording studio and producer:

– Choose a producer with recording experience in your genre.
– Thoroughly research the producer and check the music they have produced before booking studio time.
– Make sure you know exactly what you want to achieve and how you want the sound to be before approaching them.
– Ask the producer to send samples of their most relevant music work.
– Is their communication clear, and are they easy to work with?

It’s important to feel comfortable with the producer you plan to work with and to let them work their magic to get the best out of your recording.

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Why Use a Professional Recording Studio?
Having good vocals and writing appropriate lyrics is great, but having a logical musical arrangement that ties it all together is even better. How you produce the final product—the expertise used to create it and the type of audio equipment—will make a significant difference in determining how far it will go and who will listen to it.


The audience you create music for is also an important factor. Are you a songwriter with plans to make music and build a career? Or do you simply want to record a track or two to play for your spouse? 


Maybe you’re a producer who needs to create the perfect sound for a musical project. Whatever the case, you’ll likely need a professional recording studio at some point along the way.

There are many recording studios with different types of equipment, but the more ambitious you are, the more likely you’ll need a professional recording studio


Knowledge and Experience
Anyone who’s ever attempted to record music knows that there’s a lot more to it than just pressing record


An experienced studio engineer knows which microphone to use, where to point it, and which external equipment pairs best with it. This can save a lot of time (and money) by ensuring the recording is done correctly the first time.


The main reason to use a professional recording studio is the expertise of its producers and engineers. These professionals have logged thousands of hours recording in various music genres, and their insights can be what takes your music to the next level.

Having trained professionals behind the console is a great way to ensure a successful recording. Sound engineers have the experience and knowledge needed to help transform your sound into a polished, warm, and clear recording.


Studio engineers not only have an ear for what works musically, but they are also prepared to offer constructive criticism of your music. Having an extra set of ears to listen to your music can turn a bedroom recording into a real hit.


Top-Notch Equipment
Even though you can release plenty of music from home, the resulting recordings are sometimes of lower quality compared to those made in a professional recording studio.

The lack of live instruments makes it almost impossible to get the kind of clean and full sound you find in a recording studio. Moreover, most digital audio workstation (DAW) users lack the proper training and knowledge to get the most out of their equipment.

They also might lack the necessary skills to properly edit, mix, and master a track, which can harm your music career rather than help it.

If you’re serious about making high-quality music that appeals to listeners, it’s crucial to use a professional recording studio. There’s a reason studio engineers undergo formal training.If you’ve ever seen a picture of a professional recording studio, you understand why your home setup can’t compete with the pros. 

Professional studios spend a lot of money on microphones, software, hardware, and musical instruments.

 At home, we often can’t achieve the sounds we have in our heads, often due to lack of equipment and/or experience.

Choosing, booking, and renting a studio through StudioShare with all the equipment you need can open the door to more creative expression and a professional impression.


Another reason you should use a professional recording studio is the recording environment.

Sound needs space to spread and do its work. 


There’s a lot of science behind how waveforms interact with each other. In an untreated room, this can cause frequency cancellation or amplification, unwanted reflections, and possible issues in the lower frequency range.


Professional recording studios are acoustically treated and soundproofed in ways that greatly reduce sound fluctuations. You’ll understand the importance of acoustic treatment if you’ve ever recorded yourself in your bedroom.


Working in an acoustically treated room means you can trust that what you hear during playback is exactly what you should be hearing. The high frequencies are crisp, the midrange is warm, and the bass response is tight.


With a properly treated room and high-quality equipment, you’ll notice things you’ve never heard before in your performance.


Advanced Technology
In recent years, technology has exploded, allowing music production equipment to find its way into the comfort of our homes. Even though home setups can be convenient, they pale in comparison to the high-end recording equipment that professional recording studios offer.

This equipment allows recording studios to dissect the music they work on and perfect even the smallest details.


Leave the Work to the Pros
Working in a studio booked through StudioShare can make your recording process stress-free. You can free yourself from anxiety by paying someone else to record, mix, and edit your music. This also gives you more time to write more songs.

Why waste time learning how to make your music sound right when you can simply pay someone else to do it, allowing you to spend your time writing your next album?

Save yourself the stress and leave the work to the professionals in a recording studio, so you can focus on other important things like rehearsing, networking, and songwriting.


Creating music with others is more than just a team effort. A team of professionals that you find in a professional recording studio can help you create the best music possible.

It’s important to value your time. As an aspiring artist, your music probably isn’t paying your bills yet.


You need to spend a lot of time writing songs, and recording them yourself might feel tedious. So it’s essential to delegate this task to professionals whose daily job is to record, mix, and master music.


The Freedom to Be Creative

Musical creativity and engineering use different parts of the brain.

If you’re the songwriter, engineer, and producer in your home studio, you’re likely wearing too many hats.

Wouldn’t it be nice to focus on your music rather than on getting the snare drum EQ just right?

When you book a recording studio through StudioShare, you enlist professionals to handle the technical aspects of your recording.


Produce a Superior Final Product

Upgrade your creative process by having a team of professionals behind your music.

You’ll significantly increase the chances of creating an album that people won’t easily discard. When your only job is to make music, and you let someone else handle the recording, you can focus on what matters most.


Professional recording studios have the musical knowledge, the right equipment, and the expertise to make your recordings sound better.

It’s essential to have a superior final product to market, so people can take you seriously.

Recording in a studio booked through StudioShare gives you the confidence that your music will sound on par with all your favorite bands. You’ll be proud of your release.


If you’re really interested in making a career in music, whether you’re a music producer, artist, or musician, it’s wise to invest in and book a recording studio through StudioShare.


Luckily, StudioShare is a cost-effective and convenient way to book a studio. StudioShare has some of the best recording studios in the country, many of which have produced award-winning records and are more than willing to help you on your journey.

It’s time to use a professional recording studio today.

Feel free to contact us, and we can find a studio that fits your needs and budget.

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