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Payment policy for StudioShare – Rental platform

2023-07-29 by Studioshare_Admin

 Payment Policy for StudioShare Rental Platform

Effective Date: [29/07/2024]

Payment Process:

StudioShare provides a secure and convenient payment system for all rental transactions on the platform. Renters can make payments for studio bookings through various payment methods, including credit/debit cards and electronic bank transfers.

Booking Confirmation:

When a host receives a booking request from a renter, the host has the option to accept or decline the request. If the host accepts the booking, payment for the total rental amount will be authorized but not immediately processed.

Payment Authorization:

Upon acceptance of the booking by the host, the renter’s payment method will be authorized for the total rental amount. This ensures that funds are available for the transaction.

Rental Period and Fees:

The rental period begins from the agreed-upon start time and ends at the specified end time. Hosts should clearly define their rental rates and any additional fees, such as deposits or cleaning fees, in their studio listings.

Payment Processing:

Payment processing occurs after the completion of the rental period. The authorized payment is captured, and the total rental amount is processed, subject to any applicable platform fees.

Host Payout:

After payment processing is complete, the host’s payout will be calculated as the rental amount minus any platform fees or commissions. The payout will be disbursed to the host’s designated payment method within [number of business days] from the completion of the rental. Read more here


StudioShare charges a service fee on rental transactions. The exact fees will be specified in the host’s account and may be subject to change with prior notice. Host fees may apply.

Currency and Exchange Rates:

Payments will be processed in the currency specified on the StudioShare platform. For international transactions, exchange rates may apply, and additional fees may be charged by the payment provider.

Refunds and Cancellations:

Hosts and renters should familiarize themselves with StudioShare’s refund and cancellation policy, which outlines the terms for refunds in case of cancellations or other unforeseen circumstances.

Dispute Resolution:

In the event of payment-related disputes or issues, StudioShare will mediate and seek resolution in accordance with the platform’s dispute resolution process.

Security and Privacy:

StudioShare employs robust security measures to protect payment information and user data. Personal and financial information is encrypted and securely stored in compliance with data protection regulations.

Tax Responsibility:

Hosts are responsible for complying with local tax regulations related to rental income earned through the StudioShare platform. Hosts should consult with tax advisors to fully understand their tax obligations.

By using the StudioShare platform and engaging in rental transactions, users agree to abide by this payment policy and all other terms described in the StudioShare platform’s terms of service.

StudioShare reserves the right to update or modify this payment policy as needed, and any changes will be communicated to users in advance.

For any questions or clarifications regarding the payment process or this payment policy, users can contact StudioShare’s support team at or through the platform’s customer support portal.