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Booking requirements for StudioShare guests:

2023-06-14 by Studioshare_Admin

To guarantee a pleasant and safe experience for both host and guests at StudioShare, there are booking requirements that guests should. Here are some common booking requirements for StudioShare:

Verified profile:
You as a guest should have a verified profile on the StudioShare platform. This means they have uploaded their identity management and gone through the verification process. It gives the hosts an extra level of security and trust in you as a guest.

Positive reviews:
You should have positive reviews from previous stays on StudioShare or similar platforms. By reading past reviews, hosts can gain insight into guests’ past experiences and behavior.

Respect for house rules:
You are expected to follow the specified StudioShare house rules. This may include respecting quiet times, not smoking indoors, keeping the studio clean and damage-free, and following any specific rules relevant to recording or rehearsal.

Communication and feedback:
You should be communicative and quickly respond to the hosts’ messages and questions. This helps to ensure smooth communication and that any inquiries or problems can be dealt with effectively.

You should have a good payment history and be prepared to pay for the booking in accordance with StudioShare’s payment terms. This ensures that hosts are properly compensated for their service.

Correct purpose for the booking:
You should book StudioShare for purposes that are in line with the business, such as recording, rehearsal or podcasting. The hosts may have specific requirements regarding the type of activities allowed in the studio, and guests should respect these guidelines.