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Procedure for Guest Check-in StudioShare:

Confirmation and arrival time:

Please ensure that you have received a confirmation of your booking and have the exact arrival time confirmed with the StudioShare team.

Preparations before arrival:

Familiarize yourself with any pre-arrival instructions or guidelines from StudioShare. This may include information about parking, nearby transportation options, or specific access codes required for entry.

Arrival at the Studio/Rehearsal room:

Arrive at the designated Studio facility at the agreed check-in time.
Look for any signs or instructions to locate the check-in area or reception.

Check-in process:

Approach the front desk or designated check-in area and introduce yourself as a guest.
Enter any necessary identification or booking details requested by the Studioshare team.

Welcome and orientation:

Once you’ve checked in, the host will give you a warm welcome.
They will provide an overview of the facilities, including the location of your podcast location or recording studio.
Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about the space, amenities, or usage guidelines.

Access and security:

Meet the guest who welcomes you into the facility. Ev get the keys, access card or access code required to enter where you are going.
If applicable, familiarize yourself with any security procedures or protocols, such as the use of key cards or access codes.

Studio Orientation:

If you have rented a recording studio, a staff member can provide a brief orientation to the equipment and guidelines for use.

Note any safety precautions or operating instructions given during the orientation.

Amenities and services:

Ask about the amenities and services available within the Studioshare facility.
Ask about Wi-Fi access, shared common areas, equipment rentals, or other features that may be included in your rental.

Contact information and support:

Get the contact information for the Studioshare team or a designated point of contact if you have any questions, concerns or need assistance during your stay.
Save this information for easy access throughout your rental period.

Have a nice stay:

Now go to your venue or recording studio and make yourself comfortable.

If you have any more questions or need help, please feel free to contact the StudioShare team.

Please remember to follow any additional guidelines or instructions from StudioShare to ensure a smooth check-in process and a pleasant stay at their podcast/rehearsal and recording studios.