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Pricing and Fees

2023-06-14 by Studioshare_Admin

You like being in a recording studio. YOU love to hang on the rope. You’ve finally got the cart out of the way… and are now about to start your first podcast channel. But, how does the pricing work for all of this?

The total price of your StudioShare reservation is based on the price determined by the Host, plus any fees or charges determined by either the Host or StudioShare.

Types of fees

StudioShare Service Fee: Guest service fee charged by StudioShare – this provides 24/7 user support and helps the platform run smoothly and securely.

Cleaning Fee: Charged by some hosts to cover the cost of cleaning their space after their stay.

Extra Guest Fee: Charged by some hosts for each additional guest over a certain number.

Security Deposit: Hosts can put a security deposit using our offline fees feature.

Taxes: May vary from state to state

Payment: You will be charged when a host accepts your booking request, or immediately if you use Instant Book.