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2024-04-11 by Studioshare_Admin

Regardless of whether it is to change the date of the stay, the number of guests or something else, the guest can change a confirmed booking by sending a change request to you.

Please note that you as the host must approve any changes that are submitted. If you do not approve, you can try to send a message and remind them to review your change request.

Once the guest has sent the request, you will receive a reminder to approve or decline it

How it works
Depending on your specific policy, you are covered by our general policies where changes in the number of guests affect the total cost of your stay.

The original total amount and the new total amount will be displayed before the guest sends their change request.

When you approve, the change will be processed.

The guest will be debited or refunded if required, and this will also be displayed before the guest confirms the change.

If you decline your request or do not respond, the booking remains unchanged.

If the guest changes or cancels a longer stay:

The guest cannot make any changes if your check-out date has passed

Once changes have been made, any subsequent changes must go through the process described above as a new request

The guest’s first payment may not be refunded, depending on the accommodation and when the booking is made

Requests for rebooking may be subject to extra fees depending on the host’s policy

When you make a StudioShare booking, you accept the applicable policies displayed in the StudioShare process.

Studio owners have the right to specify their own cancellation rules, including any refund or penalty.

If you as the host changed the price for the new dates before requesting a change, your new booking will reflect this new price, unless you booked a special offer

Changing the booking date can affect whether the guest is entitled to a discounted price

Once a booking has started, the guest cannot change the number of guests

If the guest needs to add more guests to their booking, you can use the solution center to process any additional payments that you and the host have agreed upon or contact the StudioShares Support Team