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Booking status

2024-04-14 by Studioshare_Admin

Here’s how: • Guest

Understand your booking status

Your booking status informs you how everything is going

Arrive today

The guest arrives within 24 hours.

Arrives tomorrow

The guest will arrive soon, but not within 24 hours.

Arrives in __ days

The guest will check in within the specified number of days. Now is the time to print out booking information and coordinate check-in if you haven’t already done so.

Awaiting guest ID

The host requires the guest to verify their identity before approving the booking request. She has 12 hours to approve, otherwise the booking request will expire.

Awaiting guest review

The guest has checked out and has 14 days to write a review about their stay.

waiting for payment.

The travel request was approved, but the guest’s payment has not gone through. The booking cannot be confirmed until the payment is complete, so he has 24 hours to update his payment details. Otherwise, the booking will be canceled without penalty.

Read more about bookings awaiting payment.


The booking was canceled, probably due to:

That the guest did not verify their identity within the 12-hour period

The guest’s payment did not go through and he did not update his payment information within 24 hours.

Canceled by you/guest/host/StudioShare

Either the host, the guest, or StudioShare canceled a confirmed reservation. Sometimes Airbnb can cancel on behalf of a host or guest.

Checking out today

The guest checks out within 24 hours.

Pending change

Either the host or the guest has initiated a trip change.


The travel request was approved, either by the host or automatically via Book directly. StudioShare has taken payment.

Booking in progress

The guest is currently recording. Nice!