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Getting Started

2023-07-30 by Studioshare_Admin

Here’s how StudioShare works for guests

StudioShare does not own any real estate. It acts as an intermediary between those who want to rent premises and those looking for premises to rent. Creating an account on StudioShare is free, and it’s relatively easy. To do so, enter your name, email address, birthday and a password. StudioShare also asks that you agree to treat everyone equally, regardless of race, religion, gender or other factors. Once you approve, your account is active. You also have the option to register via Google.

StudioShare will soon have objects all over US.

When you click on an ad, you can see a wealth of information about it, including the size of the space and its amenities, check-in and pricing information, a detailed description of the space, house rules, safety features and availability. You will also see reviews from other guests and information about the hosts. For example, the hosts of a studio in New York say that they “The studio was fantastic, great host. Great value for money.”


If you like the ad, you can request to book it. The site prompts you to go through a few more steps, such as entering more of your information. Once you have completed these steps, you can complete your request and pay for your room. After your first booking, the process is much faster and easier.

However, before your booking is final, you must wait for host approval, unless your listing is an “instant book” listing, as these listings do not require host approval.

For non-direct bookings, StudioShare also recommends that guests message hosts before booking to double-check availability. If you don’t hear from the host in time, you can keep messaging other hosts in the area until you find one you like.

StudioShare will in the future also offer a higher “level” of Studios called StudioShare Max, an elite range of objects that stand out for their excellent ratings or because of something special about The average price for these is usually higher.

StudioShare hosts and guests do not exchange money in person. Guests pay for everything on the StudioShare site when they make their reservation. StudioShare uses PayPal, Stripe, direct deposit and other payment methods.