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How Payments Works

2024-04-14 by Studioshare_Admin

Here is an overview of how the payout process works for StudioShare:


Booking and booking confirmation:

When a guest makes a booking and completes the payment on the platform, the booking is confirmed. StudioShare securely holds the guest’s payment until the check-in date.


Handling of funds:
StudioShare holds the guest’s payment and handles the transaction throughout the guest’s stay. This ensures that the money is available for the host’s payment at the appropriate time.


Check-in and start of the stay:
When the guest checks in and the stay begins, StudioShare verifies the successful check-in and confirms that the booking is in progress.


Payment schedule:
The StudioShare platform usually has a predetermined payout schedule. This scheme describes when you can expect to receive your payments for completed bookings. The specific payment scheme may vary depending on the platform and region.


Processing time:
After the guest’s stay is completed, there is usually a processing time before payment begins. This processing time allows StudioShare to review and complete the transaction, ensure compliance with policies and address any remaining issues or disputes.


Payment method:
You can select a preferred payment method provided by StudioShare. Common payment methods include bank transfers, PayPal or other digital payment platforms such as Stripe. You may need to provide the necessary account information to receive the payment.


Payment of funds:
When the processing period is ready and there are no remaining problems, the rental platform initiates the payment to you. The funds are released according to the predetermined payment schedule and transferred to your specified account or payment method.


Transaction Summary:
StudioShare provides a transaction summary that describes the payout amount, reservation details, deducted fees (if applicable) and all relevant information about the transaction. Hosts can access this information via their account dashboard or transaction history.


You should familiarize yourself with the payout policies and terms of StudioShare to ensure a clear understanding of how the funds will be transferred to you.