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Payment schedule

2023-08-04 by Studioshare_Admin

Good news awaits! Your payment is on its way. But when will you get paid? – Understand your payout schedule on StudioShare

Payout time:
We aim to process your payout approximately 24 hours after a guest has checked into your property. However, the exact time it takes for you to receive the money depends on the payment method you have chosen. Let’s take a look at the typical processing times.

Important note:

Understanding your payout schedule is critical to managing your finances effectively as a host. Whether you’re hosting short-term guests or month-long guests, knowing when to expect your payouts helps you plan accordingly and ensures a seamless hosting experience.

Common questions:

When will I receive my payout after a guest checks in?
Your payout is usually processed approximately 24 hours after a guest’s check-in.

How does the payout method affect the timeline?
The time it takes to receive your money depends on the payment method you have chosen.

In summary:
Anticipating your payouts is a crucial aspect of hosting. By understanding the processing times and payment methods, you can safely manage your finances and give your guests an excellent experience. Whether you host short stays or host months-long guests, this knowledge empowers you as a host on the platform.