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Questions about the reservation

2024-04-14 by Studioshare_Admin

How does StudioShare’s booking process work?

Understanding the booking process on StudioShare is important in order to offer a smooth and easy experience for both hosts and guests. As a new host, it may be helpful to know the following steps:

Reception of booking requests:
When guests are interested in booking a studio, they can be sent and booked to you. You will receive a notification via email or StudioShare’s notification feature, depending on your settings.

Management of booking requests:
As a host, you have 24 hours to respond to the booking request. You can choose to send a pre-approval, special offer or opt-out message based on your preferences and availability.

Booking with Book directly:
If you have activated the Book Direct option, guests can book your studio directly without having to send a request. This option is popular for guests who do not have any specific questions or needs.

Review and Approval:
If you have chosen to receive booking requests, you will have 24 hours to review and approve or decline each request. You can take a look at guest profiles, reviews and past experiences to make a decision.

Managing calendar and settings:
It is important to update your calendar regularly to confirm that you have the correct availability for bookings. You can block specific dates, set minimum and maximum length of stay and synchronize your Airbnb calendar with other calendars to avoid double bookings.

Once you understand the booking process and how to manage inquiries and the calendar, you’ll be ready to welcome your guests and create a positive experience for them at StudioShare. Do not hesitate to communicate clearly with guests and be available for any questions or needs they may have during their stay.