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Safety tips and guidelines

2023-08-02 by Studioshare_Admin

At StudioShare we prioritize the safety and security of all our users. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for both hosts and renters, we have implemented the following safety guidelines:

For hosts:

Verification process/screening:

Hosts must complete an extensive verification process, provide valid identification and proof of studio ownership or management.

Exact Ads:

Hosts are responsible for providing accurate and up-to-date information about their studios, including amenities, equipment and available booking spaces.

Clarify studio rules:

Clearly communicate studio rules and guidelines to renters before confirming the booking. This includes noise levels, smoking policy and any specific usage restrictions.

Secure access codes and keys:

If applicable, provide access codes or keys only to confirmed tenants and change them regularly to maintain security.

Secure payment processing: uses secure payment gateways to process transactions. Never request or share financial information outside the platform.

Insurance coverage:

Consider obtaining appropriate insurance coverage to protect against potential liabilities while renting.

Do you need help with insurance? Visit one of our partners

Emergency Preparedness:

Be prepared for emergencies by having a first aid kit available and displaying emergency contact information prominently.

For tenants:

User Verification:

Tenants must complete their user profile and verification process in order to use Provide valid identification upon request.

Read informational information:

Carefully review the studio listings, amenities and rules before booking. Make sure the studio meets your specific needs.

Communication within the platform:

Keep all communication with the host within the platform to ensure transparency and accountability.

Respect studio rules:

Follow the studio rules and guidelines set by the host. Pay attention to noise levels and proper use of equipment.

Secure payment:

ALWAYS make your bookings ONLY through the secure payment channels provided by us at StudioShare. Payment outside the platform will be enforced and strong measures will be taken.

Personal safety:

Take the necessary precautions for your personal safety when visiting a studio. Inform someone of your location and schedule, especially for single tenants.

Feedback and reviews:

After your rental, provide honest feedback and leave a review about your experience to help other renters and improve the community.

General safety tips:

Online safety:

Keep your account details safe and avoid sharing sensitive information with other users. read more here

Report suspicious activity:

Report suspicious or inappropriate behavior to support for investigation.

Community Support:

We work to build a strong and supportive community by fostering good communication and we respect you and you should respect each other’s privacy and property.

By following these security guidelines, hosts and renters can contribute to a safe and reliable environment on StudioShare, ensuring a positive experience for everyone involved in the platform.