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Security measures – Host

2024-04-08 by Studioshare_Admin

Important security measures for StudioShare hosts


Hosting on StudioShare comes with the responsibility of ensuring a safe environment for both you and your guests.


Here are the important security considerations to prioritize


Account security: Use strong, unique passwords and activate two-factor authentication for your StudioShare account to prevent unauthorized access.


Personal information: Be careful about sharing personal information. Communicate via the StudioShare platform to protect your privacy.


Guest screening: At StudioShare, a background check of the guests is included, which we pass on to the host before they accept bookings. We review their profiles, messages and previous reviews and more to ensure compatibility and reliability.


Read more about the screening process under our General

Terms and Conditions here


House rules: Clearly define house rules to set expectations. Include policies on safety, noise levels and behavior to ensure a respectful atmosphere.


Secure entry: Provide secure access methods, such as keyless entry codes or physical keys, to prevent unauthorized access.


Valuables: Secure personal items. Remove valuables from common areas or provide lockable storage for guests.


Emergency information: Share emergency contacts, nearby healthcare facilities and evacuation plans with guests for their safety.


Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors: Ensure that detectors are functional and regularly maintained to reduce fire and gas risks.


Data protection: Protect guest information and communication. Update regularly and secure your devices against data breaches.


Insurance: Consider host insurance to cover potential damages or liability. Understand what coverage your hosting activity requires.


Maintenance: Inspect and maintain your space regularly for safety hazards, such as faulty wiring or tripping.


Guests’ integrity: Respect the guests’ integrity by not entering their private space unless necessary and agreed upon.


Local regulations: Familiarize yourself with local laws on safety, zoning and short-term rentals to ensure compliance.


Communication: Keep open communication with guests about safety measures, emergency protocol and house rules.


By implementing these security measures, you create a safe and enjoyable environment for your guests while minimizing the risks and maintaining the integrity of your host company on StudioShare.