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Background Check also called Studio Rental Screening refers to the process of evaluating and vetting potential tenants before they are approved to rent a studio space. This process is usually carried out by the studio owner and StudioShare to ensure that the potential tenant is a suitable candidate who meets certain criteria and is likely to be a responsible and reliable tenant. The purpose of the screening is to minimize risks and protect the interests of the studio owner or landlord.



The studio rental screening process may include various steps and assessments, including:


Membership Verification: The prospective tenant must usually complete a membership application. This application collects important information such as the tenant’s name, and contact details. StudioShare often requires renters and hosts to verify their identity. This may involve providing a government-issued ID, linking accounts to social media or going through other verification processes.


Background Checks: StudiosShare performs background checks on potential renters. This check may include looking for criminal records, etc. to give both parties peace of mind before the visit.


References: The tenant may be asked to provide personal or professional references that can attest to their character and reliability as a tenant.


Interview or meeting: Sometimes the studio owner or StudioShare may conduct an interview or meet with the potential tenant to discuss their rental needs and clarify any questions.


Registration and Profile Creation: Tenants interested in using StudiosShare must create an account and provide important information such as their name, contact information and sometimes a profile picture.


References and Reviews: StudiosShare may allow hosts to leave reviews and ratings for previous tenants. Prospective hosts can use these reviews to assess the credibility and reliability of potential guests.


The purpose of the screening is not to discriminate against potential tenants based on factors protected by law, such as race, ethnicity, religion, disability, or family status. Instead, it aims to ensure the rental process is fair for both parties involved.


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