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How bookings work – Host

2023-08-10 by Studioshare_Admin

Booking works for hosts on StudioShare as a streamlined process that allows guests to book times for their studio/rehearsal sessions. Here’s how booking typically works for you as a host:

  1. Creation of lists:
    As a host, you create detailed ads on StudioShare, describing your creative services and items, availability, prices and any additional information. These lists give potential customers a clear understanding of what is on offer.
  2. Client choice:
    Potential guests browse through various ads to find the studio or rehearsal space that fits their needs. They can view hosts’ profiles, read descriptions, view photos and check pricing information.
  3. Choice of booking location:
    Once a customer decides on a host and service, they can choose from the available booking slots. You can often offer different time slots to accommodate customers’ schedules.
  4. Booking request:
    Customers initiate the booking process by selecting the desired date and time slot. They send you a booking request and show their interest in scheduling the service.
  5. Host Confirmation:
    When you receive a booking request, he reviews the details and their availability. If the requested time slot is available, confirm the booking. If not, they can suggest an alternative time or decline the request.
  6. Customer payment:
    After you confirm the booking, the guest continues to make the payment. Payment is completed through the StudioShare platform, ensuring a secure transaction. Paying outside the platform carries serious penalties.
  7. Booking confirmation:
    Once the payment is made, the booking is officially confirmed. Both you and the guest receive confirmation messages via the platform.
  8. Preparations for the meeting:
    Before the scheduled meeting, you can communicate with the guest through the platform to collect any necessary information, materials or preferences to ensure a smooth session.
  9. End the meeting:
    After the completion of the service, the guest and you can provide feedback or reviews about each other’s profiles. This feedback helps build trust within the StudioShare community.
  10. Follow-up and feedback:
    You can follow up after the session, thank them for their business, and address any additional questions or needs.


In summary, the booking process on StudioShare involves guests browsing listings, selecting a service, choosing a suitable time slot, sending a booking request, confirming the appointment, making a payment and then experiencing the creative service delivered by the host. This organized process ensures a painless experience for both you and the guest, facilitating the successful completion of rentals on the StudioShare platform.


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