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Why StudioShare?
Sweden’s first and largest rental platform for music, podcast studios and rehearsal spaces Welcome to StudioShare, the premier rental platform for musicians and podcasters looking for [...]
Sep 09, 2023 Category: Recording Techniques, Studio Equipment, Studio tip 0 Comments
How StudioShare Works
Create an account: To use StudioShare you need to create an account. Registration is free and easy. Enter your name, email address, date of birth and password. You can also choose to register via [...]
Jul 30, 2023 Category: Recording Techniques, Studio tip 0 Comments
What The Guest Wants To Know
StudioShare, a music studio rental platform, offers a unique opportunity for studio owners to monetize their space while connecting with musicians and fostering a vibrant community.
May 17, 2024 Category: Guest Management Tips, Recording Techniques 0 Comments
Top 8 Reasons to Use a Professional Recording Studio
  Thanks to technological advancements, we’ve become accustomed to a wide range of ways to record our musical ideas. Many years ago, composers, arrangers, and musicians had to write down [...]
Jan 29, 2024 Category: Studio Equipment, Studio tip 0 Comments
Your first session recording in a studio: 6 essential tips for success
Nothing can really prepare you for the thrill of recording a piece of music for the first time in the studio… except this! Preparation is the most easily overlooked but vital part of being [...]
Sep 22, 2023 Category: Recording Techniques, Studio Equipment, Studio tip 0 Comments
StudioShare shapes the future for those who want to rent creative spaces
In the ever-changing landscape of getting heard, StudioShare is at the forefront of changing the way musicians and podcasters book their sanctuary. As the best platform in USA to book rehearsal [...]
Sep 20, 2023 Category: Studio tip 0 Comments
Endless possibilities: Music and Podcast studios with Studioshare
Introduction In the digital age, music creation and podcasting have become more accessible than ever before. Many creative people are looking for convenient and affordable places to rent music [...]
Sep 20, 2023 Category: Recording Techniques, Studio tip 0 Comments
How To Be A Good Host
**Excerpt:** Discover essential strategies for hosting a music studio on StudioShare. Learn how to set clear rules, optimize profitability, and encourage positive guest behavior to create a [...]
Sep 18, 2023 Category: Guest Management Tips, Studio tip 0 Comments
  Background Check also called Studio Rental Screening refers to the process of evaluating and vetting potential tenants before they are approved to rent a studio space. This process is usually [...]
Sep 02, 2023 Category: Recording Techniques 0 Comments
Explore the benefits of our creative spaces
In today’s fast-paced world, creative individuals are constantly looking for spaces that can accommodate their artistic endeavors. Studioshare, an innovative platform designed for artists, [...]
Aug 21, 2023 Category: Recording Techniques, Studio tip 0 Comments